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Mumbai, the City of Dreams

Mumbai originally formed conjoining seven islands in Arabian Sea namely Colaba, Fort, Byculla, Matunga, Worli, Parel and Mahim is the capital city of Maharashtra. Seated on the western coast of India over the time the city has expanded to present day Greater Mumbai. This could happen because of the status of the city as one of the oldest centers of business and trade for more than a millennium and long lineage of this city as a place for common Indians to move either for resettlement, or for finding work or for fulfilling their aspirations of a better life in multiple ways and this is precisely the backdrop behind the coinage of the epithet, Mumbai, the city of dreams. In the process Mumbai leads the country as capital of Commerce and Entertainment.

Mumbai, the Commercial Capital of India

Mumbai is rated as one of the top 10 centers of the world in terms of commerce and trade. The city is the abode of most top level industrial houses of India, to name a few are Tatas, Ambanis, Mittals, and Godrej. Umpteen number of business houses of repute be it industry, commerce or trade of large, medium or small operate in Mumbai. The city is corporate headquarter of many national and numerous multinational corporations. Reserve Bank of India (RBI), public sector banks as well as foreign banks which have huge business transactions either for investment proposals in the country as a whole or for catering to trade and domestic clientele, run their national operation from this city.

A large majority of frontline corporate and financial institutions of international recognition and reputation are headquartered in this city, no wonder that in global index of talent accumulation it would be one of the top cities in the world and being the greatest destination for young talents to materialize their career dream this city easily justified the long standing epithet, Mumbai, the city of dreams. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is the largest stock exchange of India and one of the most acclaimed stock exchanges in the world. Thus Mumbai is a reputed city in global financial arena rightly recognized as "Financial Capital of India". Tatas and other Parsi houses are appropriate reference of how business dreams grew in the city. Other communities followed suit in exemplifying their pursuits. Number of markets and shopping malls has grown as daily trader to corporate swarmed in Mumbai to fulfill retail business aspirations and for many decades Mumbai leads the country in retail sector turnover.

Mumbai, the City of India's Largest Film Industry

Bollywood the largest film industry in India and one of the largest in the world is no less than a wonderland for those who dreams big and come to the city with determination to make it a reality. Film industry of Mumbai has set up a very high entertainment norm. Fathered by renowned producers, directors and actors, singers, dancers and musicians Mumbai film industry made its hallmark in the international arena as well and for last few decades with growing number of international releases thanks to the huge NRI market and enthusiasm Mumbai film Industry even surpassed Hollywood in number of releases in a calendar year or in other parameters like gross number of film productions but that is only one part of the story.

Most importantly Mumbai showcase the color, spirit and variety of cultural identity and aspirations of the whole India in its timely expressions and no film Industry in the world could represent so huge diversity in celluloid and from this alone we can understand why people from small towns or villages aspire for a technician's or minor acting role to enter this industry, it becomes the part and parcel of their dreams and the epithet, Mumbai, the city of dreams is best expressed in their reality and aspirations. This is the way that budding actors, directors, photographers, choreographers and other technicians of varied skills from all over India harbor dreams of getting opportunity to work with the stalwarts of their time and build career in the film industry. Some of them learn and perfect their art from the masters and create a place of their own in this city while many others, a big majority just get back to those parts of India where they originally belonged to. This typical tradition of modern migration is continuing for years and now Mumbai with its sizzling density is also one of the fastest growing cities in terms of population. The dream of a better life that used to fetch forefathers still inviting the young generations post global India. Even the television industry play a pivotal role in fulfilling dreams and aspirations of many as it itself creates a sea of opportunity for both beginners as well as experienced. Many new career paths and technical specializations have been created because of Mumbai film and audiovisual industry as a whole.

Mumbai, India's Fashion City

The most young yet making a mark with prodigious statement is the fashion industry and youngsters opting for fashion designing as a career still find Mumbai as the city of outstanding avenues leading to fun, fame, money and reputation as a fashion designer. Yes, Mumbai with its glamour, glitz and typical flamboyance of always going with the trend is always the Fashion city. Most glamorous and star studded fashion shows and fashion parades are held in Mumbai with a long row of presence from international design houses and designers. Only Mumbai could make the boutique culture rise to its present day avatar as a new avenue of clothing business in India. Just imagine how models aspire to make a star studded modeling career from this city that normally come to this city with little background and then goes up the ladder with years of persistence, it is needless to mention the huge number of people left behind them. Markets and shopping malls started to showcase designer dress materials in India with Mumbai in the lead role. With so many avenues offering scope to the generations of people from diverse cultural and ethnic background to come in entertainment, fashion and media the city truly deserves the epithet, Mumbai, the city of dreams.

Mumbai, a City for all to Make a Living

One can observe that the city creates enormous opportunity and hence it attracts hundreds to come to the city to make their dreams not only a reality but also enlarge their canvas. The city also welcomes them with open arms and has been accommodating huge number of migrants from all around India. With various avenues ranging from small scale industries to big corporate houses to the entertainment industry Mumbai makes dream come true for most of them though some do not. Mumbai has a very eventful and fast life and it seems that everybody is on the run to achieve something or the other. Professionalism is running in the veins of the city. Though the standard and cost of living in the city looks quite high for a newcomer, one can find a varied range of options to choose from.

Variety of living accommodations is one aspect that would make any newcomers head swing, from costliest living accommodations of Asia to Chawls on the labyrinthine lanes of huge slums; Mumbai is ready to accommodate all. Dharavi, one of the most famous and largest slums in Mumbai accommodates around one million people, on the other hand just look at the sprawling riches of Malabar Hill on the north or Kolaba in the posh southern suburb or the skyrocketing real estate prices of Marine drive or Corporate Nariman Point. The city is ready to welcome everyone within its greasy population and skyscraper dominated cityscape and just when you know even residing in a rat's hole you can pursue your preferred career path until the good winds blow in your favor, you know the meaning of that saying, Mumbai, the city of dreams.

Mumbai, the City of Festivals

India is a huge country both in geographical size and large population. To achieve their goals people migrating to Mumbai not only come from every walk of life but also from different regions across the country having different language, caste, creed, ethnicity and background. Most of them settling in Mumbai for good give it a cosmopolitan culture. A mix of all these (class, creed, culture and ethnicity) is witnessed which culminates into a whole new culture, a culture called colloquially as Mumbaia is hard to ignore and is automatically accepted in the popular reference to Mumbai. This is apparent from the way the Mumbaikars take part in all the festivities and celebrations. It seems that not only a particular religious community, but the whole of Mumbai is celebrating one and all festival irrespective of cultural and religious differences. Mumbai also showcases its avid interest in art and culture by conducting several festivals dedicated to art and craft, music and dance. Some of the festivals that are celebrated grandly in Mumbai are Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, Kala Ghoda, Eid, Christmas, Film festival, Elephanta festival and many more. Festivals offer a multifarious color of the city comprising various eyhnicities and culture, a true sign why the city referred as Mumbai, the city of dreams by common Indians.

After a hectic week's work, the Mumbaikars given a choice can opt from a varied range of pursuits for rejuvenating themselves. Away from the hustle and bustle yet very near they can go for hill stations such as Khandala, Lonavla, Mahabaleshwar or can go for a trip to Shirdi or Aurangabad and even to a trip to the mesmerizing Goa. A family evening in the Juhu or Chowpaty beach is a common scene. Mumbai also has a very vibrant and active night life with DJ's playing up some electrifying numbers in the discos and enthusiasts jamming the floor till wee hours.

Mumbai, the City with Exceptional Riches of Travel Interest

India is bestowed with great natural tourist destinations in varied hill stations, waterfalls, forests, deserts, seashores besides religious places, beautiful monuments from different dynasty with exquisite arts and architecture. Although Mumbai cannot be claimed as one out of these high end tourist spots, even then it is a dream destination for travelers. Mumbai will never let one take a break or sly away under a blanket. The most famous and modern metro in India Mumbai has earned a special place in the mind of tourists. Firstly cluster of islands building into a city with overlooking Arabian Sea and cool breeze makes Mumbai a special destination. Old history of Mumbai under different rules has left a permanent mark on the city. Fusion as well as pure Portuguese, Victorian, Italian and Indian architecture and style of olden days alongside sky scrapers of modern engineering has made special attraction for people to visit Mumbai. Even traveling is an aspect that makes the city loom large justifying the saying as it goes, Mumbai, the city of dreams.

To say as to decipher the truth about the travel potential of this city the least attractive tourist spots in Mumbai are even varied from natural, architectural and historic point of view. The city offers famous sea beaches like Juhu, Chowpatty and unparalleled Marine Drive with twinkling Queen's Necklace that fascinates every one. Temples, mosques, churches and monuments dating back to centuries are to be visited. Some of them are famous nationwide like the Haji Ali Dargah, Mahalaxmi temple, Shree Siddhivinayak Temple and Cathedral Church. The Gateway of India, Asiatic Society Library, Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, Bombay High Court, Chatrapaty Shivaji Terminus to name a few speaks of architectural richness of the city. One of the most sought after tourist destination when in Mumbai is the Elephanta caves, located in a small island in the Arabian Sea about 11 km from the Mumbai harbor near the Gateway of India, Mumbai. Dating back to the 6th century the Elephanta caves has some magnificent carvings and sculptures along with a temple of the Hindu God, Lord Shiva. Special launch services are a sought after journey from the Gateway of India, Mumbai for visiting the caves. Sanjay Gandhi National Park with lush greenery and diversity of flora and fauna and with a pristine beautiful lake is a favorite destination in Mumbai for an outing.

Mumbai has passed through many foreign rules and eventualities. The city was a victim of sudden terrorist attacks. Encompassing so many rules and historic ages and traditions and cultural diversity that equivocally made a typical mixed culture of the city's own, made Mumbai an unparalleled city of color and flamboyance. With such prominence in every field it is needless to say that Mumbai, the City of dreams, the city of events would always be a subject of national focus.



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