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Burkina Faso

Everything you need to know about Burkina Faso: news, reviews, in-depth analysis, opinion and more

Burkina Faso: The Poorest Nation in West Africa

Burkina achieved its independence in the year 1960 and the country’s first independent president was Maurice Yameogo who was known for leading a lavish lifestyle. Tracing back its colonial past Burkina Faso was ruled by the Mossi Empire till the 19th century and in 1896, the French colonizers took over. Firstly, it was known as Upper Volta and in the year 1984, it acquired its present name.

Fast-Facts on Burkina Faso:

    · National Name: Burkina Faso
    · Capital: Ouagadougou
    · Total area: 105,869 sq mi (274,200 sq km)
    · Population: 14,761,339
    · Currency: CFA Franc
    · Languages: French (official); native African (Sudanic) languages 90%
    · Ethnicity/ Races: Mossi (over 40%), Gurunsi, Senufo, Lobi, Bobo, Mande, Fulani
    · Religions: Islam 50%, indigenous beliefs 40%, Christian (mainly Roman Catholic) 10%
    · GDP (Per Capita): $ 500 (2006 Est.)
    · Life Expectancy: 51 years (men), 54 years (women) (UN)
    · Literacy Rate: 21.8% (2006 est.)

Geography and Climate of Burkina:
Burkina has varied topography and terrain. In its northern part, the area is deserted while lush green forests characterize the southern part. The central part of the country lies on a Savanna plateau, which is 1000 ft above the sea level. The lowest point, Mouhan is at a height of 200m, while, the highest point, Tena Kourou lies at 749m.

The climate of Au Burkina Faso is characterized by extreme temperatures and high humidity levels. The temperature in the winters comes down to as low as 7 degree Celsius, while in summers it raises up to 48 degree Celsius. However, November to February is the best time to visit this place as the cool Harmattan winds blow and thereby, produce a pleasant weather.

Culture and Cuisine of Burkina:
Burkina Faso consists of over 60 different ethnic groups who have their own distinct culture and social living. The most famous artistic styles are of Mossi, Bobo and Lobi. Other important culture elements include masks and dancing. The masks are worn as a part of sacrificial rites by the villagers to earn blessings from their gods. The literature of Burkinians is based on the oral tradition. It’s a precursor to the renaissance of African art and culture.

A typical Burkinian cuisine consists of primary staple foods like sorghum, millet, yams, okra, peanuts and maize along with grilled meat. Some popular dishes include Riz Sauce, Sauce gombo and Brochettes. Some of the local drinks include Bissap, Dolo, Toedo, Yamoku and Zoomkoom, a soft drink.

Tourist Attractions in Burkina:
Burkina has ample places to visit and not surprisingly, these are least explored and less populated. Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou has an Ethnography Museum, which comprises an exotic collection of Mossi artifacts that the archaeologists and historians can relish. Also there is a small artificial lake where animal lovers can see wildlife among the greens.

Some other Attractions in Burkina Faso are:

    · National Museum in Lycee Bogodogo
    · Snake museum in College de la Salle
    · Moro-Naba Palace
    · Pabre
    · Grand Marche
    · Provincial du Houet
    · Grand Mosquee
    · La Foret de Kou
    · Mare aux Hippopotames
    · Karfiguéla Waterfalls
    · Sindou Rock Formations in Sindoua

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