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5 Easy Stress Busters

All people today have a hectic and busy life with so much work to do and hence they have no time at all to take care of themselves. This hectic life causes stress and tensions in people's life, which is the root cause of most of the diseases people, suffer today. This stress leads to anger, fight, tension in married life, demoralization and depression.

Though the hectic life cannot be changed, as a person has to work earn bread and butter but there are few ways that can relieve stress of a person.

Here are 5 Easy Stress Busters that must and can be performed by any person to lead a stress free life:

1. Meditate, Yoga and Massage to relieve stress:

Meditation and simple Yoga can work miraculously in reversing the effects of stress.

Take deep breaths for few minutes. Block one side of nose and take a long deep breath in through other. Repeat this process alternating the side. This Yoga exercise in termed as Kapal Bharti. It helps in relieving stress and tension of your body.

While performing meditation notice your breath and try not to think of anything else. Relaxing your body and body parts automatically helps in getting rid of stress. Relax your leg and hands by slow and gentle massage done in circular motion. Slowly massage your neck and shoulder area.

2. Listen to Soft Music to relieve stress:

Listening to symphony, soft music or tunes helps in relaxing your mind. It takes your mind away from work for sometime and slowly calms your nerves and soothes your body.

People must listen to light music for half an hour or while relaxing or in your car or while shopping or while jogging. If possible attend few music programs, operas or symphony concerts that soothes your soul.

3. Laughter Therapy to relieve stress:

In Ayurveda, Laughter therapy is considered as stress reliever and blood circulation booster.

Laughing reduces epinephrine and cortisol (stress hormones) and increases oxytosin, endorphins and neurotransmitters. These hormones makes you feel good, keeps you happy, stress free and tension free.

Laughter therapy also helps in circulation of oxygen in your body. Try reading some comics, jokes, watching comedy series and attending comedy acts in theatres.

4. Nature Therapy to relieve stress:

Most of the people today around the world live in cities that are nowhere close to healthy atmosphere. Hectic and busy life makes it worse. Keeping close to Mother Nature also keeps a person relaxed and stress free. Morning or evening jogging, going to parks, walking bare feet on grass or small walks in the garden not only gives you a fresh environment but also helps you breathe fresh oxygen.

Sweating also helps in releasing waste material and toxins from your body. It also opens up pores of your body. Drink lot of water to balance water lost in sweat. Take a hot or stream bath after jogging to relax further.

5. Cut Out from Your Daily Routine:

Though it very difficult to change your routine but if possible break out through your normal routine.

Start slowly, eat at a different place from you regular one, and take a different street to your home. Play some indoor games with your friends and family. Go out to parks, museums, adventure place or picnic. Try out some new places, new food, new clothes, etc.



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